When it comes to simple meal-prep ideas for summer, it is not always so easy to be creative. It is actually quite challenging, especially if you are one of those people who dread eating the same food all of the time. In addition, it is a hassle trying to make time to prepare meals when your life is hectic. With that said, here are 5 uncomplicated ideas you should try.

Grilled Veggie Bowls

This is always a solid idea, especially if you eat each bowl with a different sauce when it is time to eat. The idea is to take all of your favorite veggies, roast them in the oven with some olive oil, salt and a little cracked pepper. Add it to a bowl with some couscous, quinoa, farro or other whole grain. Different sauces you can use to make each meal unique include harissa, lemon juice and sriracha.

Overnight Oats

You cannot discuss simple meal-prep ideas for summer without mentioning overnight oats. Since these are typically eaten cold, it is a great way to get your oat fix without digging into a steaming hot bowl. try using non-dairy milk since some people have issues eating dairy-filled meals when the temperature is high.

Jarred Salads

These days, it is very easy to find mason jars in dollar and discount stores. They are the perfect vessel for prepping salads ahead of time. Heavy, wet items like cold cuts, cheese and olives should be on the bottom of the jar. Lighter items, like salad greens, sprouts and shredded carrots can be placed on top. Wait until you are ready to eat before adding croutons, tortilla strips or other crunchy toppers. This will prevent them from getting soggy and being less than appetizing.


There is nothing like firing up the grill and cooking some meat and/or veggies. Placing them on skewers make them much easier to eat since it acts as its own utensil. This was added to this list of simple meal-prep ideas for summer because they are very easy to assemble and you can be creative and make different ones all of the time. Playing around with the combos means that you will not feel like your meals are boring and redundant.

Cold Chicken

The sky is the limit when it comes to cold chicken. It can be used to make a fruit and nut chicken salad, a taco bowl and anything else your heart desires. Since cold chicken is rather tasty, there will be no need to heat up anything and spend additional time when mealtime approaches. Make sure that you remove the skin since it can become rubbery and chewy if not eaten right away.

Fruity Salads

These are ideal since they are a great way to enjoy all of the fruits that are fitting to the summer season. Besides, this is much better than picking up things like chips, cakes and cookies when you are looking for something to snack on between meals. In case your didn’t know, it is wise to add snacks to your meal-prep schedule. This will help you avoid snacking on things that are not good for you. As long as you have something on hand when your snack cravings hit, you will not be tempting to nosh on things you shouldn’t.

Meal-prep is not as daunting and frustrating as most people believe it is, especially if you make it a point to keep your recipes simple. Consider all of these ideas this summer when the temperature is steadily rising and you are looking for something to east that is tasty, healthy and convenient.