Move over and make some room for the pink hats, the footie pajamas and the bandwagon jumpers. The Patriots are currently 12-2 and one win or Jets, Steelers and Ravens loss away from clinching home field advantage for the playoffs with 2 games left in the regular season. The Red Sox just signed two of the biggest names on the market this off season with first baseman Adrian Gonzalez and Outfielder Carl Crawford. The Bruins have made the playoffs in two consecutive seasons and solidifying themselves as a post season player for this year, albeit in the lower eschelon of the 8 teams in the playoffs. The Boston Celtics have gotten of to another great start with their Big 3, Rondo and a veteran Shaq until Kendrick Perkins returns.

Get ready Boston, this is going to be a year where we very well could win a championship in all four major sports. This isn’t the first encounter that we’ve had with bandwagon jumpers, after the Patriots won 3 Super Bowls in four years at the beginning of the decade, the birth of Red Sox Nation in 2004, Green 18 and the “We want it as bad as you do” era of the Bruins.

There’s no need to get our boxers in knots, panties in bunches and start to get defensive. We know who we are and the fair-weather fans may never have the intensity that we do, but the more noise that’s made and the more support for our teams can’t be hurtful in any way. So with open arms, come aboard the bandwagon ladies and gentlemen, enjoy the ride that we’ve been waiting for our whole lives and have had the opportunity to enjoy over the past decade.