The architect of the 2011 Boston Red Sox was general manager, Theo Epstein.

He became manager in 2003, one year before they won the title in 2004.  He has been praised with fanfare from fans, and owners.  After the debacle the last month (and first month) of the season, missing the post-season for the 2ndyear straight, fans are becoming more critical about his time with the Red Sox. Is his time up?  I think so.

It is the manager’s job to keep the players focused to succeed, which did not happen.  It is the general manager’s job to get players that are good, blend into the team, and sign them to an appropriate contract.  That was not accomplished as time has gone on, and showed since the 2007 World Series.

A general manager’s job is not viewed in a year.  It’s a multi-year mindset, and it is every evident the tam has declined every year since 2007.

The Red Sox have been notorious for signing free agents to outrageous contracts, since ownership has the money to do so.  The problem is most of them did not add up to a team that blended together, and probably caused the gradual entitlement mentality in the clubhouse.


  • Alex Gonzalez – 3 years $14 mill
  • JD Drew – 5 years $70 mill
  • Julio Lugo – 4 years $36 mill
  • Daisuke Matsuzaka – 6 years $52 mill


  • Matt Clement – 1 year $1.5 mill
  • Mike Lowell – 3 years $37.5 mill
  • Mike Timlin – 1 year $3 mill


  • Brad Penny – 1 year $5 mill
  • John Smoltz – 1 year $5.5 mill
  • Jason Veritek – 1 year $5 mill


  • Adrian Beltre – 1 year $10 mill
  • Mike Cameron – 2 years $15.5 mill
  • John Lackey – 5 years $82.5 mill
  • Marco Scutaro – 2 years $12.5 mill


  • Adrian Beltre – 1 year $9 mill
  • Hideki Okajima – 1 year $1.75 mill
  • Carl Crawford – 7 years $142 mill
  • Bobby Jenks – 2 years $12 mill
  • Jason Vertiek – 1 year $2 mill

Theo has already stated the he wants to stay on as Red Sox general manager next year, the last year of his contract, to “clean up the mess.” Sorry Theo, you caused the mess, it will be someone else will clean it up.

Reports and rumors have been going around the Chicago Cubs have expressed interest on hiring him as the next general manager on Chicago’s north side.  If he is offered, and accepts the opportunity, I will not complain.